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My House Smells Better than a Dead Whale

TweetDo you have your very own marine biologist to change your Betta fish’s water? I do. I pay her with leftover enchiladas and stories about all the crazy people I’ve known in my life. She likes the stories and I … Continue reading

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Too Much Slack in All the Wrong Places

TweetThis weekend was my church’s big twice yearly conference. It’s a time when Mormons all over the world watch church at home in their pajamas for 2 days as it’s broadcast from Salt Lake City. The prophet and other church … Continue reading

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When Elizabeth Edwards is Speaking at BlogHer, I’m a Conservative

TweetAt church I’m a liberal. I am repeatedly amazed at the complex nuances of personal political identity and the bizarre need we feel to categorize each other along party lines. This becomes confusing because the way I’m categorized changes dramatically … Continue reading

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Intolerance — The Panel I’m Still Having in My Head

TweetBlogHer felt like an overwhelming success to me this year. I had cute shoes. The conference venue was gorgeous and things ran smoothly and were well organized. People were kind and discussions were thought provoking and respectful. (I’ve got a … Continue reading

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Mom: 2003-Present

TweetI spent a good chunk of yesterday writing a proposal for a blogging gig I think I’ve decided not to apply for. Then I took the opportunity to update my résumé . When Dan got home, I gave him my … Continue reading

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Empowering Women? — Count Me In

TweetThe other night I was watching Deal or Not and Howie Mandel was telling some poor angst-ridden contestant that $53,000 was a lot of money, a life-changing amount of money. It struck me as ironic that this statement was coming … Continue reading

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