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Antiques Roadshow – The Greatest Hoax Ever

TweetEvery night when we head to bed, we turn the TV to channel 9 so that when the kids wake up at zero o’clock in the morning to watch cartoons, they will find Arthur and Sid and Dragon Tales on … Continue reading

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Dr. Horrible Learns to Clap

TweetWanda yells… a lot. And when she does, she sounds quite a bit like Dr. Horrible practicing his evil laugh. We captured a bit of that as we recorded some of her first clapping. She is the cutest baby. There … Continue reading

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With Incredible Power Comes Incredible Responsibility

Tweet(Feel free to skip to the bottom for my quick take on the new HTC Droid Incredible.) I buy capers at Costco. Sure I can only go through a few tablespoons of capers a year but I still buy the … Continue reading

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TweetToday was May Day. It was also Saturday. Saturday is a day to rejoice. Magoo is only allowed to play video games on Saturdays. He loves them so much that he refers to Saturday only as “My Lot of Game … Continue reading

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TweetIf you look up the word “harrowing” in the dictionary, you will likely find a detailed description of Wanda’s epic journey across our living room yesterday evening. Three days ago, she had no idea that combining multiple rolls could move … Continue reading

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Lego Batman – The Career Path

TweetMagoo recently told me that he wants to be Batman when he grows up. I can only assume he means Lego Batman because that’s the only version of the super hero he’s really been exposed to. He was real coy … Continue reading

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