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I want my home to be a peaceful place, amidst the chaos that is child rearing.

I want my home to be a place of friendship, respect and lively discussion, where all sincerely-expressed opinions are heard. 

I want it to be full of love and laughter, occasionally so much laughter that you horkle soda out your nose.

I want it to be a place to unload burdens and feel like you are really listened to, where we can cry together and uplift each other.

I want a home where anyone can feel safe, safe from pointless contention, safe from excessive bad language* or explicit sexual innuendo.

I also want people to come into my home and feel safe from judgment.  You don’t have to be just like me to be appreciated.  In fact, I enjoy the differences. is my home on the internet and I have the same desires for this site.  When you leave a comment, please follow the general tone you find here.  If you have something to express that goes completely against the DYM MO, feel free to write it up on your own blog and send me a link.  I enjoy visiting many homes and blogs that are very different from my own and when I come to your site, I can choose whether to stay or go.

Please feel free to share your honest opinions as we’re discussing things.  I didn’t set this site up to be a rah-rah fan club of mutual agreement.  Just be respectful. I am not however a huge fan of extensive political, religious, or other forms of heated debate. It’s just not my thing.

I reserve the right to delete any comment that is extremely offensive or viciously attacks me or one of my readers, but will leave an explanatory comment in its place so you know when I am censoring.

If you are an obvious troll, I reserve the right to delete you without explanation.

*I currently have a comment language filter up on my site, which filters out words I would not feel comfortable using or hearing in my home.

My site is set up to automatically close comments on any post over 60 days old so that I’m not monitoring comments on old posts forever and ever.

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