The Reminder

Several of you asked me to remind you when the Daring Edition of the Today Show was airing. The show is scheduled to air one week from yesterday, Tuesday April 24th. Set your TiVo and stock up on smoked oysters and artichoke dip. It’s gonna be a par-tay.

Please no spoiler emails that morning from those of you living on the East Coast. I want to be surprised. Because technically, although I was present at least in body during the taping, I have absolutely no idea what I actually said, besides mumbling something about how my lips hurt real bad, GOSH! Multiple. Times. I’m also clueless as to what they’ll do with the segment in editing.

After it airs on the West Coast and I finish hyperventilating, I will be happy to hop on my computer and dish about my impressions of the piece and whether it measured up to my very modest expectations. I simply want to appear 40 pounds lighter than I am in real life with a Touched By An Angel glow around my head and I want the freakishly well-behaved and intelligent child-bots I rented to play Laylee and Magoo to look somewhat lifelike on TV (I’m not holding out much hope for those of you watching in HD).

I’ll also be more than a little disappointed if they don’t turn the interview into some sort of 15 second mommy-war controversy about how I think I’m better than everyone else because I wear socks with grey toes. Of course, they’ll likely buy into my superiority complex and turn the entire 3-hour show into a Matt Lauer exclusive spectacular about how fun, gifted and talented at ping pong I am.

If they show nothing but the 10 second clip where my 4 double chins and I fight with Magoo about his toddleric rights to premium individually wrapped cheese, that’ll be okay too.

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