Laylee has a Fever… Just Like Earth

So, I’m not sure what I think about Global Warming. The world seems to be in an uproar and when the entire world is in an uproar AND has a fever, I try to listen and respect that. I’ve even got An Inconvenient Truth… somewhere… in my Netflix queue.

I haven’t done my homework, although my father-in-law has and presents some pretty compelling arguments that the world should chill out because biking to work will not solve the overheating. On the other hand, he may just be racist against the sun. He thinks humans are fine but the sun is a big fat trouble maker.

Now I honestly like that people are jumping on the Al Gore global warming bandwagon, even if only for the fact that it will reduce air pollution and smog. Clean air = good. If it takes this latest global warming scare to make the air breathable, I’m a fan.

But considering Mars is warming at roughly the same rate as Earth, and Mars has WAY fewer SUVs, I’m not totally sold on XVP Gore’s (okay and the majority of the scientific community’s) global warming theories.

This is all a lead-in for the fact that No Cool Story is CRACKING. ME. UP.


Here and Here

There really are some things for which More Cowbell is the only prescription. Being home all day with sick kids is one of them.

update: I in no way consider myself a scientific expert. I just REALLY like the idea of curing global warming by playing the heck out of a cowbell.

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