Laylee Knows Best

Laylee wants fresh water for her dandelion flower. She NEEDS clear water for her dandelion flower. The dirty water in the kiddy pool out back is completely and not even a little bit not unsuitable for the growth and well-being of dandelion flowers. Dandelion flowers must never never touch dirt.

I told her that flowers live in dirt. They love dirt. Anyway, we could just pressure wash the dandelion flowers if they get too dirty.

She is busy saving worms from being squished by the rocks under which they live. Magoo is busy taking those rocks and throwing them at the worms who have just been saved. But I’m not worried about the rocks that he’s got. He’s still, he’s still Magooly from the block.

The other night at dinner Laylee told Magoo, “You are ODD.” She then looked at me like she was gonna be in huge trouble and added, “and I CARE about you.”

At bedtime every night Laylee invents a new song which she sings in an almost silent vibrato for several minutes. Then she asks Dan and I to sing it back to her. We sing some words, making them up as we go along and she applauds our efforts.

My sister Meg thinks we sound like these guys. (Be sure to listen to This Book is So Awesome and Save Ginny Weasley. Their tour schedule is on the site and many of the concerts are free. You should go check them out if they’re coming your way. And their little friends too, particularly My Dad is Rich.)

Driving through at the bank Laylee asked me, “Where is this place?” I told her it was the bank. “This is not the bank,” she said, “This is McDonalds.”

It’s sort of like McDonalds only instead of a green plastic toy, I get a green paper stack in my “happy meal.”

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