I Slept Through My Alarm

Dan and I have been going to occasional marriage therapy for the last year. It started with post partum Issues I was having and continues from time to time because it’s just so darn much fun to find a babysitter and sit in a room with Dan and a practical stranger who happens to be prodding us along to talk about our deepest feelings and most personal insecurities.

Sometimes we go in with troubles to talk about and sometimes we find things we’re troubled about because we’re sitting in a room talking about all the reasons we might be troubled and we think, “Hey! Didn’t you eat the last pack of pink YOGOS?!”

Yesterday was fun because I was being a brat. “I think it’s really insensitive that you didn’t notice me tossing and turning last night because you were asleep. I obviously need a new pillow and you did nothing about it.”

Dan got a funny look on his face and said, “I have a present for you out in the car.” Hmmm.

I guess I’ve talked about the Wonder Pillow at Costco one or fifty times in the last few months so Dan had purchased it for me and was hiding it away in the trunk of his car for the next occasion to present itself. Consider an occasion presented.

The therapist waved at us through the window as Dan pulled out the surprise. Point — husband.

It’s okay. I was a winner too. I got a good night’s sleep and during the session I made a wisecrack that caused our therapist to laugh so hard he almost stopped breathing. That has to count for something.

Oh, and I got to take Dan home with me and keep him. Mmmmmm.

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