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Tip Tuesday — Summer Reading

TweetCurrently I am reading a PZ4 selection for my book club. I’ve never been much of a PZ4, never quite made it to a jousting tournament or medieval feast and I cut my hair every few years. However, I can … Continue reading

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Two is Only Terrible on the Third Thursday of Months Ending in R

TweetMagoo recently turned 2 and I honestly feel that there’s nothing terrible about him. He loves blankets ferociously and sleeps with 6 or 8 tucked around him like a little nest. He still has fat in all the right squidging … Continue reading

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I Really Like Quoting Myself

Tweet“I like to tell people that Laylee sleeps in until 8 or 9 every morning but to be honest, that’s not the whole truth anymore. It is something but the truth. ” ~Kathryn Thompson To read the rest of that … Continue reading

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Redesigning Cars in My Spare Time

TweetWhen I’m not pondering the great questions of the universe like whether to risk getting peanut butter in the jam jar or jam in the peanut butter jar when using one knife to prepare a sandwich, I like to invent … Continue reading

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Saving the World, One Piece of Living Slime at a Time

TweetSometimes I like to play a game called “If I Were A Rodent, Where Would I Build A Nest For My Babies?” This game gets boring because the answer is always the same — out in the bamboo pile in … Continue reading

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Mudder’s Day and a Sack of Frogs

TweetI can safely say the best part of the weekend was listening to Laylee say “Mudder’s Day” around 400 times. Happy Mudder’s Day. I’m so glad it’s Mudder’s Day. Did you know I get to sing in church because it’s … Continue reading

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