The Genetics of Sleep

sweet-sleeperLately I’ve noticed that Laylee is very restless in her sleep. She grinds her teeth, tosses and turns. Often when we go at night to check on her, I’ll notice her mumbling and grimacing and I try to sooth her and calm her down. Sometimes it works a little.

She also sleeps with her arms raised up above her head, just the way I do. I brought this up to Dan.

“Did you ever notice that Laylee sleeps just like me?”

“Yes. She’s disturbed.”

“Thank you.”

“No, I mean her sleeping is disturbed. She seems troubled.”

Ah yes. So Laylee gets her disturb-ed-ness from me. Magoo gets his sweet cherubic sleeping position from Dan, with his chubby arms folded under his little round head (Dan’s is more oblong). I’ve always called Dan a sweet sleeper and so is Magoo.

Now Magoo and I do have one thing in common in our sleep. When we wake up, we strongly dislike all people. We pull the blankets over our heads, grunt, squinch up our faces and sometimes growl. We need our space.

So Laylee’s disturbed and Magoo’s curmudgeonly. It’s nice to know I’m leaving a legacy.

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