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Water Torture is for Sissies

TweetIf you really want to wreak havoc with your mortal enemies’ psyches, pump their house full of rabid fruit flies that have no identifiable nesting ground or food source. The flies will billow in clouds around their heads driving them … Continue reading

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More Thoughts on the ER

TweetWell after reading your comments today, I checked back into the “male nurse” fiasco and discovered that he is actually a Nurse Practitioner so I feel a little sheepish. I feel much more calm after letting it sit for another … Continue reading

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Gender Roles in the ER

TweetOn Sunday Laylee was in agony-induced meltdown mode over a sore neck which got more and more stiff as the day wore on. By noon she was unable to turn her head at all and sobbing every time we moved … Continue reading

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Ty’s Toy Giveaway — AKA — This is About a Giant Miffy

TweetWhen I got a message in my inbox with the subject line — Re: This is About a Giant Miffy — my first thought was that it was a creatively euphemized inappropriate spam email. Then I noticed it came from … Continue reading

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Smells Like December

TweetI’m starting to sense that it may be December. This sensation is apropos and in regards to the following significant significations: 1. Magoo will not stop with the “jiggy bells.” Yep. He really calls them that. 2. When we breathe … Continue reading

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