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TweetDo you ever dress yourself using items you find on the floor of your car, only to look in the rearview mirror an hour later and wonder why you’re wearing a costume?

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The Family Shopping Trip

TweetI woke up this morning feeling slightly less plagued by the raging viral plague of death than I have for the past few days, feeling so well in fact that I even showered, wore clothes (of a sort), went to … Continue reading

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Good Things About the Raging Viral Plague of Death

TweetIt’s okay that I don’t have the strength to shower because I’ve also lost my sense of smell. It’s okay that I don’t have the strength to work out because all food has lost its appeal for me. It’s okay … Continue reading

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I Don’t Need to Be the Biggest Loser, Just the Loser with the Biggest Thumbs

TweetI’m a little bit sick still in my throat but I’ve been working out anyway. Somebody came over and left a crusty comment about how I should be working hard instead of railing on a reality TV franchise and I … Continue reading

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Get an Omnivore – STAT!

TweetWe were driving by the animal hospital the other day when Laylee pointed excitedly, “Look mom. Look. That’s the vegetarian. If JackAgain is ever sick, we’ve GOTTA take him to the vegetarian!” It seems reasonable. They’d probably get along okay, … Continue reading

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Some Things are Humorous… To Me

TweetWhen Laylee was building her snowman this afternoon, she asked, “Can you please get me two blueberries and a carrot… and some more blueberries?” This is literally the funniest site I’ve visited all week. I’m wondering if I could really … Continue reading

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