Never Boring

I guess it depends on your definition of boring. Here’s a little snapshot of my life:

Word on the street is that these dolls barely escaped when a fire began raging in the wooden prison where they were being held captive.
barely escaped

Some people find rocks in their dryer. I just found a lima bean in my washing machine.

This morning I dropped Laylee off at the front door of her school, the kids’ favorite song YMCA blaring on my car radio. She looked so proud to have such a hip fly mom. I bawled as I pulled away knowing it won’t be long now until she’s no longer proud of her mom blaring disco tunes from the tinny speakers in her dorky old car. Yes. YMCA brought me to tears.

I also cried as I talked to my spinning instructor this morning asking her to check my form because if something doesn’t change, I’m going to need to drop the class due to raging joint pain. Real tears. To a woman of steel. Who hugged me right there in the gym and told me that in the past 5 years she dropped down from 230 lbs and she knows where I’m coming from. Next class she’ll be biking right next to me checking my form.

FOR THE LOVE, the TEARS! Followed by the Elaine-esque spasmodic dancing in my house after my kids were out the door for school. I haven’t had a personal dance party like that since college. If I don’t have my period soon, I think my hormones may implode.

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