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TweetLaylee’s loving school. I’m loving school, if for no other reason than that I now get to write NoFAPs now. MWAH-ha-ha-ha! [continued at]

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Motorcycle Guy WE LOVE YOU!

TweetMagoo’s decided that all motorcyclists have escaped from some sort of parade and that their main role in this world is to smile and wave at him sweetly like Miss Latina Puget Sound sitting on the back of her white … Continue reading

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Back To School Haiku

TweetKids are both at school All is quiet and lonely Sanity is nice

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Explaining Beef Jerky to Laylee

TweetIt’s okay that it’s hard to chew. It’s sort of like meat-flavored gum… that you can eventually swallow.

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Thoughts on Sarah Palin

TweetAt the RNC Wednesday night, Rudy Guiliani said that no one would ever ask questions about a male candidate’s ability to juggle work and family. He cried sexism. Lots of people are pointing out the sexism inherent in these questions … Continue reading

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You Can Tell The Family Reunion’s Over When

TweetWe recently got back from a family reunion in Montana where I spent 10 days hanging with my parents, 4 siblings, 2 siblings-in-law, 2 nieces, one nephew and 2 dogs in one house. It was a blast. However as the … Continue reading

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