In Mourning

I’ve been struggling with a stomach bug this past week and recently its friend the head and chest cold came to join the party so I pretty much feel like pathetic death on toast.

But worse than that, my laptop experienced a hardware failure and has been gutted and shipped off to the computer hospital for emergency surgery. I weep for it. I crave it’s closeness. I find myself in mourning.

Out of respect for my injured friend and due to the earth-shattering plague rocking my body systems, I may not be blogging for a while. But like the terminator I will be back eventually and for the time being I’ll blog at least once a week over at parenting with a link here to my musings.

Today I wrote about time. Laylee’s recently learned how to tell time and our lives will never be the same again. [click to read more at Parenting]

When we put my laptop, let’s call him Timmy, to rest in his Fedex casket, we needed to trim some of the shipping materials for a better fit. Magoo took the leftover pieces and fashioned them into some sort of weapon laser thing. When he was done with it, he left it on my bathroom vanity. Do you think it’s a sign? Because it’s sort of creeping me out.


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