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Lock Them Up Because You Love Them

TweetOn the way to the bus stop today, Magoo spotted some bedazzled slugs awaiting collection. He likes to call them snails but I know a slug when I see one. He gathered up two, one in each hand, one for … Continue reading

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Best Maternity Shirts Ever – Downeast Basics

TweetIf you’re pregnant, you need these shirts. I promise. At the beginning I ordered 4 tees and tanks to wear under my existing non-maternity tops. They’re the longest maternity shirts I’ve found, going down below the bottom of the zippers … Continue reading

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The Personality

TweetSo, we did end up taking Laylee to the ultrasound and I’m so glad we did. She was fascinated by everything, especially the part where the baby peed right “on camera” and the doctor replayed it a few times for … Continue reading

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TweetIn all my nerdalicious glory, I’ve found a way to boil my parenting philosophies down to technical jargon. [Read more at]

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Miss/Mr Personality

TweetToday is the day of days, the morning of mornings, where Dan and I go to participate in the time-honored tradition of having an ultrasound past the 20-week mark to see if we can catch a glimpse of our baby’s … Continue reading

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She Knows Me So Well

TweetLaylee had to fill out a survey about me in her kindergarten class for Mother’s Day. Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Sport: Yoga Favorite Thing to Do When She’s Not Being My Mom: Work on the computer (I really like that … Continue reading

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