Yogurt Chronicles

Magoo’s had a few problems with yogurt in his life. I didn’t realize quite how many until a couple of days ago when he asked for some and then started telling me the Rules of Yogurt, one at a time. He listed 7 rules, each specifically related to times he’d gotten in trouble because of his use or misuse of yogurt.

1. You can’t leave the yogurt out.
2. You can’t lick the spoon and put it back in.
3. You do it CAREFULLY.
4. You can’t break the bottom of it.
5. You can’t get a handful of yogurt.
6. You can’t get it until you ask a grownup… or your dad.
7. You have to put it back.

I like the fact that rules one and 7 are essentially the same but bear repeating because they have been emphasized on so many mornings when we’ve found the giant tub of yogurt sitting out luke-warm on the kitchen table.

I also like that Dan is not classified as an adult.

I also like that we need 7 rules about yogurt… so far.

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