If you look up the word “harrowing” in the dictionary, you will likely find a detailed description of Wanda’s epic journey across our living room yesterday evening.

Three days ago, she had no idea that combining multiple rolls could move her towards a destination. Now she knows the possibilities and she’s SO enraged that she can’t navigate as precisely as she wishes.

She lay there on her tummy with a toy a few inches from her grasp. She rolled to one side, tried to reach it, failed and let loose a barbaric yop. She rolled to the other side, still couldn’t reach it, longer, more fearsome YOP!

She continued her journey, rolling from side to side, front to back, a 50-point asterisk turn around the living room. Great was her angst. Intense was her fury. The glow worm taunted her with its deliciously chubby plastic cheeks.

At last, after much wailing, groaning, grunting and turning, I scooted the worm one inch closer and victory was achieved.

Look at her face full of exhaustion and relief.



But she’s getting better. Today I put her on the floor at one end of the room and went to work pumping milk and checking email. When I looked up 5 minutes later, she had silently made the journey all the way across the room, where she had come upon a jackpot of card games left out by Laylee and Magoo. Uno and Rook blended together in a veritable feast of gaming victuals. Luckily when I looked up, the only casualty was a Yellow 7, which she had partially ingested.
I guess from now on we’ll always know who has the Yellow 7 when we play Rook. Wanda the Triumphant has left her mark… er… taken her chunk.

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