Food for Wanda

Wanda doesn’t so much like to nurse any more. If the room is dark and silent and she is extremely tired but not deliriously tired, she will maybe possibly nurse. She is more likely to nurse if we are lying on a semi-firm mattress facing each other. She prefers Manfood.

This makes outings harder. Today when we went shopping for several hours, she did not get food for several hours because there is no part of my body that squirts out applesauce or mechanically separated organic turkey and she would have none of the milk. She is also too small to throw pretzels at. Correction. You can throw pretzels at her but it is about as effective as putting her to the breast at satisfying her hunger.

The slightest variance in food temperature causes outrage or fits of hilarity. Slightly-hotter-than-Luke-warm baby food is horrendously awful for the first .0009 milliseconds it’s in her mouth. And what exactly is “slightly-hotter-than-Luke” warm? I’d say “Han-Solo” warm is a little too hot but what else is there, “Uncle Owen”?

If the food is cold it makes her laugh. Rice cereal with cold breast milk? Hilarious. Cold water straight from the fridge in a sippy cup? Forget about it.

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