Throw Your Vote in This Cardboard Box

We used to slide our ballots into electronic vote-counting machines. Several years ago, King County moved to an absentee ballot system to save money.

I miss the camaraderie of standing in line at a fire station with my whiny kids and a bunch of other concerned citizens, voting for our future.

At this point, I have two voting options. I can mail my ballot by Election Day, or I can drop my voting envelope stamp-free into one of several county ballot boxes. The ballot boxes are big and metal and look like library drop-boxes. They look secure. They look official.

Today, as I pulled into the turnaround at Redmond City Hall, I was greeted by several orange-clad election officials, waiting to take my ballot and put it in… the cardboard box placed in FRONT of the big, official metal drop box.

That’s right. I put my voting envelope into a highly secure, highly official-looking cardboard box. Does this look fishy at all to you?

I woke up this morning, realized what day it is and found myself overjoyed that today is Election Day. It is one of my favorite holidays because today the robo-calls will stop. Thank you, Santa. Best present ever.

Magoo thinks we should vote for Romney because he has better hair. I think President Obama has better (read this: more Dan-like) hair but that doesn’t mean I’m voting for him. This afternoon, when talking about the election, I accidentally referred to the winner as President Obomney. We’ll see how it goes. May all your fondest election dreams and wishes come true.

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