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Being Fragile

TweetSomething happens to me after a baby is born. If you’re a mother, it’s probably happened to you too. I suddenly feel like the world around me is breakable, myself, my family made of shatter-resistant glass that’s fully capable of … Continue reading

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Fun with Modifiers

TweetIf “gentle babies” use “gentle baby wash,” what do “ferocious, violent ninja babies” use?

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Tired, Sore and Hungry… for Babies

TweetI’ve been feelin’ a wee bit tired of late but I really shouldn’t be. Wanda sleeps beautifully. She eats beautifully. Most nights she sleeps around 14 hours with only one feeding in the middle. The problem is scheduling. She goes … Continue reading

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Becoming a Person

Tweet To help her learn some motor control, I’ve started her on a series of homemade physical therapy exercises. My favorite so far is called The Block Knock. It involves knocking blocks. I ask her to lie down on the … Continue reading

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This is How We Roll

TweetAfter less than two months, Baby Daring, aka Wanda, aka Baby Dolly, aka Baby Lolla, aka Princess Lolla Dolla, has effectively killed off any future attempts at tummy torture time. Around our house, this is how we roll. She doesn’t … Continue reading

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McSquidgems’ Self-Infatuation

TweetSome might call it narcissism but I like to think of it as a healthy dose of self esteem. Our baby is in love with herself. Here she is at her one-month checkup. She screamed in the lobby and again … Continue reading

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