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And She Shall Never Thirst Again

TweetHappy late Pi Day. I hope you ate pie, you free-as-the-wind-gluten/sugar-eating free spirits of freedom. Can you tell this gluten-free/sugar-free thing is bringing me down, man? It is. But the good news is, I don’t feel a ton better off … Continue reading

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How Dare They?

TweetI have a special relationship with snow. I grew up in Canada with more snow than most sane people can handle. And I loved it. I love the smell of snow, the look of snow, snow games and snow treats. … Continue reading

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Tweet As a kid, when I pictured being a mom, I pictured it pretty much exactly the way it was tonight. My baby was sleeping sweetly, while Magoo, Laylee and I put a puzzle together and sang along to The … Continue reading

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TweetWanda’s been spending a lot of time in the joint lately. Our personal joint is a spot in the hall outside the bathroom door. There is no worse place on earth than the time out spot. Placing her in it … Continue reading

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The Economics of Teeth

TweetI hope Magoo never learns that it’s possible to sell his organs for money… or candy. Lately his main revenue stream comes from the secretive but highly lucrative tooth market. He yanks one out, processes it, makes it available for … Continue reading

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Taste Your Nerds

TweetWe were on vacation at grandma’s house last month and the kids had been outfitted with about all the candy and treats their bodies could handle. They were enjoying life immensely. One night, after brushing his teeth, Magoo asked if … Continue reading

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