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Googling Solutions to Cleaning Blood Stains While Teaching Preschool

TweetDo you remember a while back I wrote a post about the level of sheer carnage occurring with my brawling preschoolers? Well things have calmed down through the months. The kids have stopped the smackdown and their attention spans have … Continue reading

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Word Up on All the Pregnancy Deets for My Bloggy Homeslices

TweetWe’ve wanted this baby for a long time. In Proud Daughter of Eve’s comment on my last post, she referred to a post I wrote back in August of 2006 about feeling ready for another baby after weaning Magoo. My … Continue reading

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In Mourning

TweetI’ve been struggling with a stomach bug this past week and recently its friend the head and chest cold came to join the party so I pretty much feel like pathetic death on toast. But worse than that, my laptop … Continue reading

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Old PeaceLoveMom Advice Column and Giveaway

Tweet***And the PeaceLoveMom shirt goes to Michelle, commenter number 29 (with double commenters removed). Don’t forget to use your free shipping code everyone else if you order from them before December 17th. The code is DYMGIVES.*** Sometime this month I … Continue reading

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Quick! Call Angela Lansbury

TweetMaybe I’ve watched too much Murder She Wrote but when I spotted this for sale at Costco, it seemed more sinister than festive. Additional storage for tree stands or crowbars or whatever. You’re gonna bind WHAT, now? This image just … Continue reading

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Please Sir – Buy My Wares

TweetThings have been a little wild around here, me with my head cold, Dan with his stomach flu and the kids with the freedom to run wild through the house. Being the least sick of the two of us, it’s … Continue reading

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