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TweetI could hear their bickering from upstairs and tried to ignore them. Soon it spilled out into the hall and shortly Laylee was at my side with her arms folded. “Mom! Magoo’s being so mean to me.” “Yeah?” I asked, … Continue reading

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What Do Your Kids’ Friends Call You?

TweetIt seems that more and more everyone just calls everyone by first names, like we’re all chums, BFFs, equals. As much as I choke on the “Mrs. Thompson” moniker, I like what it stands for. It means I’m an adult … Continue reading

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Nursing the Phatness

Tweet “Her happy dance consists of lying flat on her back with her dip-cone mohawk vibrating, her eyes bugging out of her head, her lips pursed, and her arms flapping at her side asynchronously like two uncoordinated metronomes beating different … Continue reading

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A Note to the Witch

TweetSo there I was, writing a note to my alter-ego, excusing my daughter from the possibly harmful effects of my own parental choices. [read more at]

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Day One – A Day of Buts

TweetToday Dan went back to work but we all survived. He left for work while I was still sleeping and I was sad that he didn’t say goodbye, but he called shortly after I woke up to tell me he … Continue reading

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TweetI fluffed some stuffed animals and placed them in her crib just for the effect when she sees it for the first time. I know little babies are not supposed to sleep with a bunch stuff in their cribs until … Continue reading

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