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Dr. Horrible Learns to Clap

TweetWanda yells… a lot. And when she does, she sounds quite a bit like Dr. Horrible practicing his evil laugh. We captured a bit of that as we recorded some of her first clapping. She is the cutest baby. There … Continue reading

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Don’t Watch This

TweetIf you’re prone to vomit when exposed to extreme cuteness, please do not watch this video of Laylee singing in the Elementary School Musical. It’s like High School Musical but Laylee’s way cuter and more talented than Mr. Zachory Efron … Continue reading

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This is How We Roll

TweetAfter less than two months, Baby Daring, aka Wanda, aka Baby Dolly, aka Baby Lolla, aka Princess Lolla Dolla, has effectively killed off any future attempts at tummy torture time. Around our house, this is how we roll. She doesn’t … Continue reading

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The Call of Duty

TweetI already tweeted this and put it on Facebook but I really think it needs to go on the blog. Dan is a lover of Call of Duty and I am a lover of how well he fulfills his ultimate … Continue reading

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Birth, Billy and Beyond

TweetThe delivery was awesome. Many of you followed on Twitter as I took my geekishness to new heights by tweeting one of my family’s most personal and dramatic moments. It was such a great way to keep our family updated … Continue reading

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Sleep of the Spoiled

TweetThe kids didn’t die on the Titanic but you couldn’t tell that to look at them on Sunday during church. Both of them fell asleep during the first hour of the meeting. Magoo was sitting bolt upright between my parents … Continue reading

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