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Beef and Cheese

TweetI love the line from Elf where Will Ferrell accuses the department store Santa of not being the real deal because he doesn’t smell like Santa, he smells like beef and cheese. Well I’m not the real Santa either because … Continue reading

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Cirque de Sooo….

Tweet…I need to work on my flexibility. Seriously. Last night we went to Cirque de Soleil and there’s this part of me that thinks, “Hey, I should work on my backbends so I can do that someday.” I mean, I … Continue reading

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TweetThis morning I was awakened by Laylee. She crept down the hall to my room and slowly opened the door. Hoping she’d go back to bed, I pretended to be asleep. With much effort, she hoisted herself up to stand … Continue reading

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Real Estate Moguls

TweetMove over Donny T cause there are new real estate moguls in town and we don’t need no steenkeen apprentice. We’ve already got two of our own. We just need a robo-realtor (played by “Nadine”), a disco-dancing family of marshmallow-eating … Continue reading

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Motherhood Changes You

TweetWhen I see a sign like this, I don’t think of great furniture deals. Instead, I reach frantically for the wipes and pray that I’ve got a spare change of clothes in the car. STOREWIDE? Are you kidding me? How … Continue reading

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Wild Times in I-Dee-Hoe

TweetMuch has been said about the Idaho Bloggirls get-together last weekend. The other attendees’ narrations of the evening are a lot of fun but a bit exaggerated to make it sound like THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!!! I’m worried people are … Continue reading

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