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Don’t Put the Grocery Money in Your Bra

TweetAt times, I have been known to spend money in a fashion similar to that of an imbibing mariner. This combined with my hatred of budgets and our need to put a new roof on the house has me and … Continue reading

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So What’s the Deal with Pajamas?

TweetIn the morning they wake up and I feed them food. They use the food to feed and decorate their pajamas. I peel the pajamas from their bodies and dress them in “clothes”. Throughout the day they continue to feed … Continue reading

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Attention Target Shoppers

TweetThank you so much for all the heartwarming smiles you gave me as I walked through the store on Saturday. I was wearing makeup, cute shoes and an “outfit” and walking with an unmistakable mom-on-the-loose-for-the-weekend swagger. Your grins only confirmed … Continue reading

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Not Much to See Here

TweetWell, I try to cover it up most of the time. We are really working on our religious punctuality right now. We have been really working on it for… going on 4 years. We improve a little and then we … Continue reading

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