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Almost a Rider

TweetMandy Hubbard spoke a couple of times to our SCBWI chapter today, her evening keynote being playfully titled “Rejection Sucks.” She makes me glad to be part of a community of writers. She was candid and shared the dirty details … Continue reading

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Dark Bird

TweetMost of you know I’ve been hard at work for the last year, finishing a novel. The first question everyone asks is – When does it come out? And the answer is – After I get an agent, do a … Continue reading

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Rejection Letters

TweetI’ve been thinking a lot about rejection lately. I’ve been shopping my novel around to agents and they’ve been telling me, “No thank you.” I expected to be rejected repeatedly before finding someone who wanted to represent me but it … Continue reading

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Vor-each-iss Reading

TweetI tend to get a bit overwhelmed when I read about the process of getting my novel published. Yesterday I wrote half a chapter and then spent a good chunk of time reading and researching. I’m reading The Essential Guide … Continue reading

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Wherein I Remember Just in Time That I am Not a Ninja

TweetWhen you’re writing a novel, there’s a blurry line between fiction and reality. I infuse my story with aspects of places and characters I have known. My heroine has characteristics I possess or wish I possessed. Some of my best … Continue reading

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Working from Home

TweetI’ve been home with my kids from the time Laylee was born eight years ago. For the most part I’ve loved it. As with any occupation, it has its rough moments, but overall I couldn’t have asked for a better … Continue reading

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